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Thursday 17th October


Today was our last full day and what fun we've had.The weather was certainly on our side again as we've had a dry, sunny day! Everyone loved their activities which were sailing, kayaking, high ropes, island adventures (including hot chocolate!) and finally two groups had their 'journey day' to Coniston and Cathedral Caves.


Tonight, we have eaten fish and chips with jelly and ice cream for desert and after, the children are going to visit the on-site shop to spend their spending money but not before the final room inspection has been carried out!!


Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed their time here at Waterpark and we are all so proud of their achievements this week! Well done to our wonderful Holme Slack children!

Wednesday 16th October


Today the sun shone and we had lots of fun! Some groups were on their journey day exploring tunnels at Cathdral Quarry while others rowed to Peel Island to make hot chocolates and then walked into the local village with lots of challenges along the way. Two groups sailed with perfect weather conditions and also tested their map skills by orienteering the grounds of Waterpark. 


After a day full of activities they completed diary entries before eating a delicious roast chicken dinner, followed by fresh fruit salad. 

With food in their tummy's they were ready for a game called Aliens and just before bed they all calmed down through a guided meditation. 


Tomorrow is our last full day and we can't wait for more fun!


Tuesday 15th October 2019


Today we've all been ghyll scrambling, kayaking, orienteering and climbing. We all enjoyed our curry and the Waterpark old favourite: sticky toffee pudding! We finished our day off with a team game of Manhunt after tea and we had a mindfulness session to prepare us for bedtime.



Monday 14th October 2019


After almost 24 hours of trying to upload pictures from yesterday, we finally did it! Even without the internet, we are all having lots of fun.


Yesterday, we went kayaking, sailing and climbing. We had a tasty tea of pizza and chips, followed by jammy doughnuts and then we all went on a night time walk in to the woods where we did some star gazing! 


Check back later (after 10.30pm) to hopefully see today's instalment - we are about to undertake our famous room checks before we have curry for tea and a night time activity!

Water Park


Thursday 8th November


A great final day at Water Park!

Water Park


Wednesday 7th November


Another jam-packed day here at Water Park! We've had 2 groups out on their journey day today while the other 2 groups were problem solving and orienteering in the morning and sailing in the afternoon. Tonight's tea was roast dinner with fruit salad and then we finished off our day with a game of aliens outside! 

Water Park


Tuesday 6th November


Today, we've been ghyll scrambling, rock climbing, sailing and on the high and low ropes! We will certainly all sleep tonight after filling up on lasagne, salad, garlic bread and sticky toffee pudding for desert!

Water Park 

5th November 2018


A brilliant 1st day ghyll scrambling, canoeing, kayaking and climbing! For tea, we had pizza and doughnuts and then after a game to burn off any remaining energy, we had hot chocolate around the bonfire.

Water Park February 2018 - Thursday


A super final day today! Two of the groups were on their journey day where they walked 5 miles whilst the other two groups tried their hand at canoeing to Peel Island and orienteering. The children finished off their day with a roast chicken dinner and the ultimate sticky toffee pudding! 

Water Park January 2018- Wednesday


Another jam-packed day at Water Park. The children are just finishing up a lego building teamwork game after a delicious chicken curry for tea followed by a fruit salad. Take a look at the pictures below to see what we got up to today!

Water Park January 2018 - Tuesday


The weather in Coniston has been cold and a little wet today but we've all been having too much fun to notice! Swirl How have been on their journey day which involved travelling on the Voyager across the lake and then climbing the mighty Blawith Common. Coniston and Brown Pike went Ghyll Scrambling, at Titherton, in the morning and then spent their afternoon problem solving and having a go on the high and low ropes whilst Wetherlam started their morning off on the low and high ropes and then ended their day Ghyll Scrambling! For tea tonight, the children have very much earned chicken enchiladas and chocolate trifle for desert!

Check back tomorrow for more pictures!

Water Park January 2018 - Monday


A great first day at Water Park! The children arrived to a delicious homemade vegetable soup with sandwiches and then they were out straight after to have a fun afternoon of kayaking, ghyll scrambling and climbing. For tea, we've had pizza, chips and salad and the children are now all in bed after a bed time hot chocolate- all very tired and ready for their first full day, tomorrow!