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School Closure Procedures

No current need to close

The current guidance for educational settings says that:

  • If we have a suspected case, we won't need to close our school, but we will need to clean specific areas and dispose of waste in a certain way 
  • If we have a confirmed case, our local health protection team will be in touch to help us to make a decision about school closure, but it won't be necessary in most cases


The government's action plan mentions that school closure is a future possibility to slow the spread of the disease if it becomes established in the UK.


Our school will only be closed if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • there are too few members of staff available to ensure pupil safety;
  • government advice changes, i.e. public health measures to disrupt local transmission of the virus include localised school closures based on public health risk assessment.


Steps taken to decide on whether to close the school will be as follows:

  • Head teacher will liaise with the Local Authority and Chair of Governors and a joint decision  will be made whether school should be open or not.


The decision to open school, or not, will be communicated to staff and communicated to parents via

  • The school website,
  • Class Dojo
  • Local Authority and local media websites.