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Sports Grant

Sports Premium Grant


The Government has made extra funding available for all schools. Schools are accountable as to how that money has and will be spent. It is the aim of Holme Slack Community Primary School that the grant will be used to improve the provision, participation and enjoyment of P.E. throughout the school. The aims are:

  • Increase the number of after school / extra-curricular clubs available to children and thus increase overall participation.

  • Improve the overall teaching of P.E. being taught throughout the school

  • Maintain and improve the apparatus / resources available to pupils

  • Provide pupils with the opportunity to participate in more varied sporting / outdoor activities.


External Support

In previous academic years, school has employed an outside agency to teach 1x P.E. lesson per week in each class. This has been extremely successful. Pupil’s find the lessons to be very engaging, fun and believed they learnt new skills enabling them to participate at a higher level. Many pupils also became more involved in P.E. lessons and participated in after school clubs as a result.
Teachers feedback identified that they became more skilled having seen P.E. being taught by ‘experts’. They then adapted their teaching styles accordingly to great success. This academic year, the school is to continue this intervention throughout each term. Teachers will observe lessons being taught across the year groups in order to support the development of skills, identifying where children have ‘come from’ and are ‘moving towards’.

The grant will also be used to pay for professional development opportunities for teachers in PE and sport. Staff will be able to access courses / support in order to improve their teaching of P.E.


Extra Curricular / After School

Due to the success of the extra-curricular clubs, the school will continue to heavily subsidise after school clubs. School pays 50% of the overall fee and as a result pupil participation is extremely high as it enables all children to take part.


Resources / Apparatus

Every year, school audits the equipment we have in order to teach P.E. in school. 


Adventurous Activities

Here at Holme Slack, we aim to provide opportunities for all our pupils to access many different and varied sports that they may otherwise never participate in. In previous years our Years 3,4 and 5 were taken on a Outdoor and Adventure Day, which school heavily subsidised. This gave the children the opportunity to take part in activities such as :
-raft building
-High rope courses


The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and this year school will once again subsidise trips enabling children to experience these life changing activities.


If you have any further questions as to how school is and will spend the P.E. grant, then please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Thank You

PE grant and funding 2020-21


This academic year we will be spending our allocated funding on the following:

  • An external PE coach to lead PE lessons across the school for 1 day a week. This will provide children with access to high quality PE lessons taught by a lead professional. This external provider will lead sessions with the support of our teachers to enable them to develop their skills and subject knowledge in a wide range of sports and physical activities, therefore allowing teachers to deliver high quality PE lessons in the future.
  • We will continue to subsidise the funding for children to access extra-curricular PE and sport. 
  • Continue to replenish and improve PE equipment and facilities.
  • Continue to be part of the Preston School Sport Partnership to give children access to competitive sport.
  • To use the funding to pay for transport to and from sporting events.
  • To provide outdoor and adventurous activities for all children