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We have had a super week in school, here our certificate winners. Class Champions:- Reception-Jessica Mahoney, Year 1-Willow Mai Parker, Year 2-Holly Houston, Year 3-Kayleigh Goodwin, Year 4-Rennia Thompson, Year 5-Kelsie Prince, Year 6-Logan Bean. British Values Ceriticate SELF BELIEF/DETERMINATION-Believe in youself and keep going, Reception-Lacey Littler, Year 1-Samuel Williams, Year 2-Lily-Mae Robinson, Year 3-Emilia Mahmood, Year 4-Mia Williams, Year 5-Cameron Austin, Year 6-Tia Allen Top Dojo Earner:- Reception-Bailey Jackson Reid, Year 1-Ardin Salah, Year 2-, Year 3-Atawullah Ehsani, Year 4-, Year 5-, Year 6-


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