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Here are our certificate winners:- Class Champion: Reception-Yusuf Zaheer, Year 1-Kayden Johnson, Year 2-Adeel Syed, Year 3-Nathan Mathew, Year 4-Lacey Leigh Shannon, Year 5-Evee Coates, Year 6-Ella Thorpe. Theme of the Week-Take positive action to make someone or something better. Reception-Raul Platica-Maj, Year 1-Izabele Dvarionaite, Year 2-Alixee-Leigh Illsley, Year 3-Lacey Marsden, Year 4-Thomas, Year 5-Lacey Shaw, Year 6-Zaynab Patel. Top Dojo Earner: Reception-Keanah Conlon, Year 1- Charlie, Year 2-Riley Thompson Kenny, Year 3-Aaliyah Johnson, Year 4-Thomas, Year 5-Phoebe Johnson, Year 6-Ella Thorpe .


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