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Design Technology


At Holme Slack Community Primary School, we aim to promote an understanding of the Design Technology process in the development of tomorrow’s rapidly changing world. Through the process of Design Technology, we encourage our pupils to reflect on and evaluate present and past technology, encouraging those transferable skills that will enable all children to become informed consumers and potential innovators, which will aid their future lives and careers.

Our lessons aspire to develop dependability, resilience, creativity, communication and team building, which are pivotal to the wider curriculum.  

Primarily, our aim is for the children to foster a love of the subject through celebrating their successes as well as first attempts in learning, while working together to create a purposeful outcome.

Year 2 20/21 Spring 1

Year 2 have been exploring the features of space buggies during our explores topic. We have been designing our own space buggies for travelling for Bob on the moon.





Year 2 - Testing out our designs

Reception Class 19/20 Spring 1

We designed, baked and decorated our very own gingerbread men, linked to our learning 'Traditional Tales'.

Reception class 20/21 Autumn 1

We made vegan pumpkin soup linked to the story 'Pumpkin Soup'

Year 5 making vegetable soup from fresh seasonal vegetables. Autumn 21/22