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The History curriculum at Holme Slack meets the needs of our children through experiential learning and first hand experiences. Many of our children may not visit museums outside of school; from EYFS to UKS2 we believe first hand experiences are vital, thus teachers plan trips out and visitors in as often as possible in order to deepen the children’s understanding and provide learning encounters which cannot be created in the classroom and at home.


  • Stone Age Visitor/ Stone Age Theme Day
  • Visit to Ribchester Roman Museum
  • Liverpool World Museum - Ancient Egyptian Exhibition
  • Visit to the seaside (Victorians)
  • Eureka (Victorian houses)
  • Harris Museum (Ancient Greeks)
  • Local walks and visits, looking at how our local area has changed over time


Have a look at teaching and learning of History in our school.

Our Reception children learn about Remembrance Day.
Our whole school contributed to the 100th Anniversary of World War I