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Religious Education

 At Holme Slack Community Primary we value the teaching of Religious Education as a way of exploring big questions such as

,"What it means to be human". The religions we study reflect those in our school community and those in the wider world. 

We follow the Lancashire Syllabus 2021, using the planning for the units of work and adapt them to meet the needs of our children. 


   We believe that quality teaching of RE stems from:

enlightened promoting respect and knowledge of the beliefs and values of others

 enlightened being able to articulate and share our own beliefs 

 enlightened fostering a curiosity and excitement about the ways others lead their lives. 


 We aim to enrich and enhance our RE curriculum through :

enlightened Celebrating the festivals of the major religions Eg Christianity, Islam and Hindu Dharma. 

enlightened Exploration of artefacts 

enlightened "At the scene" role play and" hot seating" situations

enlightenedWelcoming visitors to share their beliefs including parents and carers (where possible)

 enlightened Visits to local places of worship (where possible)



Religious Education Policy

A Lancashire Agreed Syllabus end of EYFS expectations document is currently being re-written by SACRE. It will be uploaded here when available.