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Hearing Impaired SERF

Our SERF staff are:


Teacher of the Deaf: Mr Jones

TA3 Communicator: Mrs Mayor


We provide a very specialist service in a very caring environment.

Our girls working hard on their targets.

Check out our new sensory room! The children love it and we have weekly sessions planned to their needs.

We were lucky enough to have the wonderful Wayne Sharples visit our school on World Book Day. The kids loved his signed stories!! Amazing day!

Places available from September 2020. Come and have a look around!

Our school has been specifically resourced to offer a specialist service to children who are statemented for a hearing impairment. All classrooms (and the hall) are fitted with sound field systems and all staff have annual training on deaf awareness and technological advancements.


The SERF (Special Education Resource Facility) classroom is acoustically modified to provide an excellent listening environment. All modes of communication are welcome. We aim to raise the profile of hearing impairment throughout school by teaching the children how to sign during our weekly sign and sing assemblies (all songs and prayers are signed in every assembly by all children), by having regular contact with other local schools through our deaf events.  We also have visits from the NDCS Roadshow.


The SERF offers hearing impaired children specialist individual support in all areas of the curriculum and school life as required including:

- Daily equipment checks.

- Education support in the unit and in class.

- Additional 1:1 sessions before and after lessons.

- Work on PLP targets.

- Speech, language and communication development.

- Social and emotional support.

- Half termly access to an technician.

One of our children produced this piece of writing this week! Well done Leila we are so proud!

This week we have a Science and D&T week! The children loved making their own muffins!

Working hard in the SERF! Our children can achieve!