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The Year 1 staff have now returned to class teaching and will no longer be posting weekly activities here. For year 1 children's home learning activities, please use NCETM Maths, BBC Bitesize Daily, The Oak National Academy and STEM. Links to these websites can be found here. https://www.holmeslackprimary.co.uk/class-pages/


Week 11 - Monday 22nd June 2020

This week's Literacy is based on the famous book, " The Tiger Who Came to Tea " by Judith Kerr. 

Try writing a letter to the tiger from Sophie the main character or her Dad who has to take them to the cafe as there is no food left in 

the house! 

Our maths is looking at number bonds to 100 in 10s. We will look at  how number bonds to 10 can help with bonds to 100. 

Get busy making a tiger mask or dancing to ROAR! Keep checking dojo for extra challenges and PURPLEMASH for those TO DOs. 

Keep going , you are all doing amazing at this job! 

Mrs Jepson and Miss Campbell. 

Week 10- Monday 15th June 2020 

Hi everyone  

This week's learning is based around the book ,OI FROG!  by Kes Grey and Jim Field. Can you  rhyme all the time? 

There are lot of opportunities in the phonics activities to explore  and compare the graphemes OI and OY! 

Maths thinking is around ordering numbers to a 100 and using the symbols for greater > and smaller <. 

Can you research the life cycle of a frog? 

Our physical challenges involve going on the GO Noodle site and exploring the routines. The links are on the document below. Have a look at the ideas on the document with extra daily prompts on CLASS DOJO and enjoy tackling them! 

Stay in touch, 

Mrs Jepson and Miss Campbell. 




Week 9 - Home Learning for WC Monday 8th June 2020

This week's home learning is around Mrs Jepson's favourite topic, bees! 

So we hope you can be busy too! Please enjoy the story of "The Very Greedy Bee" and information videos about how honey is made too. 

Our maths is around counting to 100 and the creative and physical activities are based on the bee theme! Why not try a jiggle dance?! Click on the document below to find out more and as usual there will be daily updates on Classdojo. 

Check PURPLEMASH for more challenges. 

I hope you are well and are keeping safe. 

Mrs Jepson and Mrs Campbell. 



Week 8 - Home Learning - WC Monday 1st June 2020

I hope you have enjoyed the recent sunny weather over what would have been half term in normal times. 

Below are some suggestions for home learning based around the exciting tale, " The Snail and the Whale". The maths tasks are around money and coin recognition and making up small amounts this week. Why not make a mini shop to make it more real?  

Have fun but stay safe, 

Mrs Jepson and MIss Campbell. 

Week 7-Home Learning - Monday 18th May 2020 

This week's home learning is based around the story by Eric Carle, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar Have a think about the caterpillars diet and your favourite foods for a  Saturday treat menu. Now's the time to try a fruit salad. Put your fruits in it. 

Our maths focus in on quarters of shapes and numbers and look for the FRIDAY quiz. 

Have a go at some caterpillar craft and some of the games. Keep a note of your favourite day of this week for your diary entry! 

Keep doing what you are doing at home. We are proud of you.

Mrs Jepson and Miss Campbell. 






Week 6 -  Monday 11th March 2020

This week please enjoy the poem" My Robot" and have fun thinking what your favourite robot is at home. What new robot would you invent?  

In Phonics we are revising the Phase 5 sounds and reading on Oxford Owl

Our maths is about half and the concept of two equal parts and groups in shape and number. There is plenty to do on PURPLEMASH as usual. Try one of the creative tasks too and stay as active as you can. Check out Class dojo for ideas. 

Keep going , all the support you are giving is invaluable to the children, 

Many thanks and keep on staying safe, 

Mrs Jepson and Miss Campbell. 


Week 5 - WC Monday 4th May 2020

We can't believe we are at week 5. We are hoping you are seeing the benefits of all your hard work with your children. Keep going , it will be worth it! 


This week's English text  is called ," Robot Rumpus". The robots get in a real mess!Don't miss it.  

Our maths topic continues to be division and sharing into groups. 

The main topic is the sense of smell so take time to think of your favourites and your dislikes. Keep watching Class dojo for daily updates. 

Many thanks for your support,

Keep safe,

Mrs Jepson and Miss Campbell. 




Week 4 learning in Class 1.

Thank you for your excellent hard work last week . It was fantastic to celebrate your contributions on Class dojo. Please get in touch if you are not sure . That's what we are here  for -to help! 

The tasks this week in reading and phonics are based on the Oxford Reading tree site . Make sure you log in! 

In English we are continuing to enjoy the story ," No-Bot"

 In Maths we are starting the topic of division and making equal groups. 

Our topic focus is on the sense of hearing. What is your favourite sound ? How many signs do you know? 

In our physical and creative tasks we are having fun linking to the story. Can you drum like the bear? 

There are plenty of Purple Mash tasks to do and we are keen to encourage you to try the games on BBC Bitesize.. Karate cats has fun activities for multiplication and division. 

Keep going ,you are doing a fantastic job supporting your child's home learning. 

Mrs Jepson and Miss Campbell. 




Summer term 2020

 We hope you enjoyed the sunshine over the Easter break. 

It's back to school time -  in terms of home learning -and we will be looking at the topic ROBOTS. 

Please check PURPLEMASH for your" to dos" as there are tasks related to the topic. 

Have a look at the general topic overview that we would have normally sent home as your home learning challenges. 

Please try and have a go at the week 3 activities . Most of all keep in touch via class dojo. 

We hope you are able to log in to Oxford Owl to help support your child with their reading. See class dojo for the class login details and user name and password. 

Stay safe 

Mrs Jepson and Ms Campbell. 







Easter holidays- End of Spring term -

WC 6th and WC  13th April 2020  

Hello Year 1 ! 

We will be taking a break over the next couple of weeks and you will not be asked to complete specific tasks, 

However please keep reading with your children and enjoying all the signs of Spring in your gardens and on your daily exercise. 

Keep counting and making collections to 50 and 100 and write the numbers. Maybe count mini eggs!

There are some lovely activities for Easter on Twinkl and don't forget to make some Easter nests! Dojo messages will responded to towards the end of this period and some PURPLEmash ToDos will be set as an option. 

Our next topic is ROBOTs and "What it Means to Be Human" so be ready ! ..... 

Stay safe , we are missing you,

Mrs Jepson and Miss Campbell.  




WEEK 2 Home Learning WC 30th March 2020 - ENJOY!


WEEK 2 of Home Learning  WC Monday 30th March 2020

What's it all about? 

Dear Parents and Carers and children, 

Miss Campbell and I are very impressed with all the work you have done together. We have missed you very much so really appreciate al the photos of you in action and the work you have completed. 

English- Please keep reading - the phonics task are to give you a focus for word or sound hunts. Read and enjoy books on Oxford owl and Collins BIG cat e books for parents. User name :parents@harpercollins.co.uk

                                                                Password: Parents20! and click Login. 

A lot of the learning this week is based on rhymes and make sure you have fun with the book "Oi Dog"  by Kes Grey. You can find it on Youtube. Also have fun with traditional rhymes and nursery rhymes. Can you say them fast and slow in a deep or high voice? Can you do actions? 

Maths is all about capacity- how many cups will fill the jug or carton? Try the lessons on https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/Keep being creative with your Spring pictures and Easter patterns. Keep going - it will be worth it.  Stay safe . Mrs Jepson. 



Hello Parents and carers and children of Class1,


I hope you are keeping well and safe and are enjoying tackling some of  the activities set. 

Thankfully the weather has been cheering us up with the sunny days. 

Please check Class Dojo for daily updates. 

I am loving all the Purple mash activities you are sending in.

Please check the 2Dos on Purple mash. 

Keep in touch and I will keep putting pictures on DOJO to celebrate your hard work inside and outside! 

Mrs Jepson and Miss Campbell. 




WEEK 1 Home Learning 23rd March 2020

Our Spring 2 focus is on Growth and Green Fingers. 

We are learning about the parts of the plant and the signs of spring in the world around us. 


We will be having fun planting seeds and watching them grow and our English learning is linked through the story of,

The Enormous Turnip. 

In RE we are learning about the Jewish belief in God's promise and the story of Noah's Ark and God's promise. 

IN Design Technology we are using our cutting skills to chop, peel and cut up  foods to make soup and fruit salads.

Our Art work is a special treat exploring the work of the artist Guisepe Acrimboldo who was best known for creating imaginative portraits made entirely of fruits! 





Welcome to Year 1- September 2019-20


It is our aim to make learning in year 1 as fun and exciting as possible. We welcome your support as your children make their Year 1 journey. 

Here is some important information you need to know regarding the routines and expectations for this year. Please do not hesitate to see me if you have any questions.



Year One will have two PE sessions every week. These will take place on a Tuesday afternoon and a Friday afternoon.

Please can you provide your child with a full PE kit in school, including shorts or tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt and pumps or trainers. Earrings must be removed for these sessions or your child will not be able to participate in PE due to health and safety. Please ensure all uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled!




Reading and Homework


Your child will be sent home with a reading book and diary. Please read with your child every day as this promotes an enjoyment of reading and will help your child develop their confidence and fluency. Books should be brought into school every day so they can be changed regularly.


Each week children will have homework as follows:


  • On a Monday after half term-  children will bring home spellings to learn and letter sounds ( phonemes ) to practise.


  • At the beginning of the half term your child will  bring home a topic"web" with a variety of tasks to choose related to the topic in different subject areas. 

Topic- Our topic is Penguins ,Pigs and Possums based on the Lancashire curriculum units for the first half of the Autumn term. 

The second half of the Autumn term is planned around the Great Fire of London. 


DON'T forget to join Classdojo to keep in touch . 


Thank you ,Mrs Jepson and Miss Campbell. 

Fire, Fire! - Autumn 2- Homework tasks and activities.

Have a go and enjoy. smiley


Our learning in the Spring term is under the heading of, "Our Family Album". We have enjoyed this topic so far and have been lucky enough to welcome many of Class 1's family and carers into class.



We are so proud of the homework that is coming in about the capital cities of the UK and the flags of the different countries. It is interesting to find out about the different towns and cities you have visited with your children in the UK. 


Keep sending in baby pictures and any special teddies or toys your children played with as a baby. Mrs Jepson is sure none of them will be as old as her teddy Cocoa! 


Our family visitors