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Art & Design


“All children are artists”

Pablo Picasso


Art stimulates creativity, imagination and inventiveness.


Our vision at Holme Slack Community Primary School, is to deliver a creative curriculum which is accessible to all of our children and tailor it to their needs.

We aim to provide exciting and purposeful cross curricular learning experiences, which contain plentiful of opportunity for self-expression and creativity through first hand experiences by using a variety of media.


Our purpose of Art and Design education is to provide our pupils with the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express their responses to ideas and experiences in a visual or tactile form.


We use sketchbooks to document the children's artistic journey from the beginning of year 1 to year 6. Sketchbooks can become a timeline of skills, observations, and achievements which allow the children to review and reflect on previous work, to develop their ideas and artistic ability.


Through our arts curriculum, we aim to build on self-esteem and resilience to encourage children to think outside the box and channel their creativity, empowering them to take control of their learning and discover their true potential.




Reception Art Gallery

Gallery 2021-22

Year 1

Still image for this video
Year 1 investigated a range of drawing materials and techniques to create self portraits. In this case, they sketched a friend sat opposite to them. This allowed them to observe each other's features. Each week the children experimented with different media including pencil, soft pastels and charcoal. Each portrait is unique and special just like themselves.

Gallery 2020-21

Spring 2 


We looked at Jackson Pollock's art work and discussed his style of painting. The children chose to use lots of different colours for their large collaborative art piece, it  was messy experience but so much fun!

Jackson Pollock

Next, we looked at other ways of recreating Pollock's style of art, and we decided to use string dipped into metallic paint.The children dragged and pulled the string across the canvas to create this master piece!

Jackson Pollock

Finally, we created some smaller pieces of art work using the splatter and flick method, using just black and white paint. 

Jackson Pollock

Our Jackson Pollock Display

Reception 'Claude Monet'

Spring 2


We recreated some of Monet's most famous paintings, paying close attention to the colours and light in his paintings. We used our finger tips and cotton buds to blend the colours. Take a look at our work!

Year 3 Art Gallery

Year 3 used water colour for their Stonehenge work and oil pastels to create cave paintings.

They loved being creative!

Take a look at their work ....

Water colour and oil pastels

Year 4 Art Gallery


Oil Pastels

Charcoal Still Life